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Pap straw

Product number
The length of the
The packing way
The/box Box/box
LF8001 1 145 Independent packing YES 250 10
LF8002 2 155 Independent packing YES 250 10
LF8003 3 162 Independent packing YES 250 10
LF8004 3 Extension 185 Independent packing YES 250 10
LF8005 5 205 Independent packing YES 200 10

Low density polyethylene (LPDPE)
· Good flow of tube wall, easy to control
· Good transparency, scale line, easy to observe
· Good toughness, can bend at a certain Angle, suitable for operation into miniature and special-shaped containers
· Good elasticity, suitable for rapid transfer
· Easy to use, good precision, good repeatability of drops
· Each package has an independent lot number identification to facilitate quality tracking and traceability
· No heat source, no endotoxin, no cytotoxicity, no hemolytic
EO sterilization,