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Love will win the development mission
Develop biotechnology and protect human health!
Development vision of Aibisheng
Leading enterprise in biotechnology industry!
Love wins business philosophy
The ultimate quality, the best service!
The slogan of Love wins
Exploration and scientific research, love will win!
Love wins the spirit of work - good thinking sensitive action, with responsibility together!
Good thinking active thinking, diligent thinking, good at thinking;
Sensitive line brave action, action to achieve the effect, the effect test success or failure;
Carry responsibility clear responsibility, share responsibility, responsibility to people;
Team work together for common progress;
Love wins the core value -- win-win happiness, innovation and harmony!
In the face of customers, we strive to provide quality products and services, the pursuit of win-win interests.
In the face of employees, we always adhere to the concept of "it takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred years to cultivate people", and provide a broad space for every employee to learn and develop.
In the face of competition, we insist on opening up the market, developing technology and enhancing competitiveness. For the enterprise and employees to create a better future.
To serve the society and build a harmonious society, we actively assume the social responsibility of the enterprise, cultivate good power and contribute to the social harmony.
Enterprise Management of Ai Bisheng -- Learning, System and culture!
Innovation is based on learning from the experience of others. Without learning, there can be no innovation.
Management guarantees development development depends on scientific management system, management produces benefits, management promotes development.
Cultural cohesion Success is the integration of outstanding performance, and culture is the glue that makes outstanding performance sustainable.
The code of conduct that love wins -- honest and trustworthy, honest and dedicated; Honest, responsible, modest and polite; Helpful, confident and loving; Diligent and studious, brave and win-win.
Honesty and trustworthiness: integrity is the foundation of the body;
Honest and dedicated: the gentleman love, take the way;
Integrity and responsibility: there is a sense of justice, responsibility, development prospects;
Modest and polite: look at others' achievements, look at their own shortcomings; Send roses, hand has lingering fragrance;
Enthusiasm to help others: willing to help others, people will help me; First for him, then for me;
Confident have love: confident spirit foot, love world wide;
Diligent and studious: endless learning, diligence is the boat;
Brave progress and win-win: march forward bravely, advance together to win and achieve all-win.