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Economical grinding instrument

I. Product introduction
KZ - III high-speed organization grinding machine is the use of the vertical shock system high speed reciprocating motion, make the grinding tube precooling of samples and mill bead collide with each other, its produce grinding shear force and impact force make the tissue completely broken, is to meet research institute, university, agricultural, biological medicine, food testing and other fields of multiple samples of disposable fast processing of special equipment.
Traditional mortar grinding, grinding only one sample at a time, the processing efficiency is low; Moreover, every time tools such as mortar and mortar must be cleaned and sterilized, which greatly increases the workload of sample processing.
A. Suitable for all kinds of plant tissues, grinding machine can greatly improve the sample processing process:
The samples can be dry grinding, wet grinding and homogenization treatment;
Up to 24 samples can be processed simultaneously to complete sample preparation rapidly and with high throughput;
A wide range of samples can be handled:
Tissue including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and other samples grinding and crushing;
B. It is suitable for grinding and crushing all kinds of animal tissues, including brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph node, muscle, bone and other samples;
C. Suitable for grinding and crushing of cells and microorganisms;
D. Suitable for grinding and crushing of food and drug components analysis and detection;
3. Closed disposable centrifugal tube is used to effectively avoid cross contamination between samples;
4. The experiment has strong repeatability, and the same grinding effect can be obtained by setting the same grinding frequency and time.
5. Low temperature precooling: adapter can be -80℃ or liquid nitrogen precooling;
Two, technical parameters
1. Can process up to 24 samples simultaneously in 1 minute (optional 60-well adapter) to complete sample grinding quickly, efficiently and with high throughput;
2. There are a wide variety of samples that can be processed, such as plant tissues (such as rice, corn, wheat, beans, peanuts, etc.), animal tissues (such as muscle, small intestine, heart, lung, fur, bone, etc.), microorganisms and various Chinese medicinal materials and drugs, etc.
3. Closed disposable centrifugal tube is used in the grinding process to effectively avoid cross-contamination between samples;
4. Homogenizing speed: 0-70 HZ, the actual speed can reach 2100rpm, working time: 0-99 minutes, users can set;
5. Preset 10 groups of common tissue grinding parameters to optimize the grinding conditions of different specimens;
6. Noise level: < 65dB;
7. Maximum feed size: no requirement, adjust according to adapter;
8. Emergency stop button: it can be taken at any time in the grinding process, and the instrument can stop running immediately, fast and safe;
9. Electromagnetic safety lock: screen click control, automatically unlock when power is off; Can not open the cover during the working process, until the end of the grinding process, the whole protection;
10. Grinding method: wet grinding, dry grinding, low temperature grinding can be;
11. The touch operation unit can adjust the screen Angle freely for easy operation;
12. Optional installation of a 60-hole adapter, upgrade to grinding 60 samples at a time, further improve grinding efficiency.
13. Overall size: 265mm*365mm*366mm;