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Use the sampler once

Disposable sampler kit contains preservation tube (including preservation solution) & throat/nose swab & biosafety bag for virus nucleic acid detection.
Features of disposable sampler:
· Use of DNA/RNA collection, transportation and short-term storage of samples. Usually, a swab is taken from the throat or nasal cavity.
· Flexible preservation solutions contain preservatives that dissolve microorganisms and inactivate cells, bacteria and viruses. Stored samples can be used for subsequent molecular experiments.
category The article number The product name Packing specification   unit Whole number
Use the sampler once  8100805 5ml preservation tube *1 (containing 2ml preservation solution) Throat swab *1 Biosafety bag *1 100 sets/box,5 boxes/box box  500
8100812 12ml preservation tube *1 (containing 3ml preservation solution) Nasal swab *1 Biosafety bag *1 100 sets/box,5 boxes/box box 500