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Magnetic stirrer

I. Product introduction
Magnetic stirrer is used for liquid mixing instrument, mainly used for liquid reagent configuration, mixing low viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixture; Ms-150 magnetic stirrer has a large stirring volume, stable rotor rotation, no jump; The whole shell is made of flame-retardant and reinforced plastic, fully enclosed and waterproof.
Second, product advantages
1. Knob to adjust the stirring speed of agitator, stable speed up and down;
2. Dc motor driven, not affected by solute solvent viscosity, stable speed;
3. Disc surface silicone anti-skid treatment;
4. True warranty, only change not repair.
Three, technical parameters
1. Speed range: 100-2200rpm;
2. Maximum stirring capacity: 5L;
3. Fully enclosed flame retardant plastic shell;
4. Plastic surface, anti-splashing, anti-rust, silicone anti-slip pad.