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Digital display horizontal shaker

I. Product introduction
It is widely used in electrophoresis experiments, such as coomassie bright blue staining and decolorization of gel (G2059), which can effectively improve the efficiency of staining and decolorization; Albichen biological clock swing shaker with Albichen biological antibody incubator (G6019-9) can greatly reduce the amount of antibody used in WB antibody incubation, so that antigens and antibodies can be fully combined. In addition, it can also be used to wash the film in WB experiment, glass slide washing in IHC/IF experiment, etc. , and can be used for cell culture and cell membrane transfer, and can be used in low temperature and thermostat.
Ii. Product Advantages:
1. Timing function, timing function, after the end of timing, only prompt, not stop.
2. Memory function of power outage, can retain the time of swaying, convenient to supplement the swaying time after power supply.
3. Blocking protection function, during the operation of the shaker object offset or weight increase, exceeding the maximum torque of the shaker, the machine will stop running, and the buzzer alarm;
4. Real-time measurement of ambient temperature;
5. Operation mode: circular/linear.
Three, technical parameters of products
1. Product Model: DS-H200 (Horizontal shaker)
2. Product power: 20W
3. Electric voltage: 110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz
4. Maximum load: 10Kg
5. Work table: 320mm*210mm
6. Speed range: DS-H200:10~200rpm
7. Rotation/swing distance: DS-H200:20mm