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AES3300 Automatic Multi-channel antigen emulsification System (5 channels)
Automatic multi-channel antigen emulsifier, suitable for biological research institutions, biological companies to prepare antibodies need to immunize animals, automatic antigen and Freund's adjuvant emulsion, and then to the animal injection. Usually, if there is no special automatic equipment for preparing immune emulsions, two syringes need to be connected and pulled repeatedly, which not only causes arm pain, but also has low efficiency and unsatisfactory emulsifying effect. This multi-channel automatic emulsifier can emulsify up to 5 groups of the same or different antigens at the same time according to customer requirements, freeing hands, efficient and time-saving.
Product advantages:
1. The instrument is easy to operate, automatic emulsification, no manual;
2. Emulsifying 5 groups of the same or different antigens at the same time, efficient and time-saving;
3. The whole process of 2-8 degrees Celsius water bath control temperature, does not destroy the structure of the antigen, to ensure the activity of the antigen;
4. Each group has a separate force sensor, automatic identification of emulsifying effect;
5. Automatic and manual mode to meet different experimental requirements.
Parameter list:



Automatic multi - channel antigen emulsification system

Type no.


The channel number


Oscillation frequency


Precision injection

≤ 5% per injection

Suitable for syringe model

Disposable screw syringes of 2.5ml and 5ml

Way to work


According to

Capacitive touch screen

Screen size mm


The power supply


Power W


Kg weight


Overall dimensions