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Complex2000 Fully automated chemiluminescence imaging systems
Complex2000 automatic chemiluminescence imaging system allows direct imaging of ECL luminescence to obtain experimental results. If darkroom exposure is used for ECL testing, not only darkroom construction is a waste of space, the exposure process in darkroom is cumbersome, but also the development of X film will be exposed to toxic chemicals.
Complex2000 chemiluminescence imaging systems are compact, lightweight, and easily placed on any corner of the bench. Users only need to set different exposure times for ECl imaging, which saves time and energy.
Instrument parameters:
One: camera parameters
Detector: 16-bit cold CCD, 65,535 gray scale
Resolution: 6 million pixels
Lens: 25 mm, F /0.95
Image acquisition range: 11x 9 cm (W x D) (image up to 4 small imprinted films or gels)
Binning mode: 1X1, 2X2, 4x4 (High sensitivity/high resolution Settings)
Zoom: 1 -- 2x, electric zoom
Image file format: TIFF, JPG, PNG
Two: system hardware
Sample drawer: manual opening and closing
Filter set: 12 pieces (8 pieces excitation, 4 pieces emission)
Sources: (Optional) Excitation sources: 494nm(FITC), 550nm(TRITC), 590nm(Alexa Fluor594), 649nm(Cy5); Receiving light source: BP530nm, BP590nm, BP625nm, BP685nm;
Three: system software
Auto exposure (Intelligent exposure) : Supported
Airborne image analysis: support
Application of independent analysis
Four: transport
Dimensions: (l x W x H) : 550mm*325mm*300mm
Weight: about 8 kg
Performance characteristics:
1. Chinese/English software, with real-time image acquisition software, can be used for chemiluminescence images
2. Independent research and development, low price, good effect, comparable to other domestic brands of the same type of products
3. Simple operation, one-click imaging
4. With automatic exposure function, can be real-time automatic exposure
5. Single imaging: with long time exposure function, can realize long time exposure of single picture
6. Cumulative exposure multiple imaging function: it can take multiple images in a long exposure time, and the exposure time of each image can be accumulated, so as to avoid repeated exposure, and the user can choose the most favorite image to save.
7. With sequence image saving function, no need to store a single picture
8. Supersaturated pixels can be displayed during shooting to ensure accurate quantification
9. With annotation function, can add a variety of text notes or symbols
10. Image superposition analysis function: two images can be combined to display and analyze
11. Image output format: 8bitTif, 16bitTif, BMP, JPG