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Frozen storage tube

Frozen storage tube (bag)
Product number
Capacity (mL)
Cover type
LF5010 1.0
The screw cap
100 10
LF5020 2.0
The screw cap
is 100 10
LF5120 2.0
The screw cap
is 100 10
LF5050 5.0
The screw cap
is 50 10

The pipe body is made of polypropylene, which conforms to USP Class-6 standard
· The outer rotating cryostorage tube is designed for freezing samples, and the screw cap of the outer rotating cap can reduce the contamination rate of processed samples.
· The internally rotating freeze-storage tube is designed for freezing samples in liquid nitrogen gas phase, and the silicone pad at the tube mouth enhances the tightness of the freeze-storage tube.
· The cap pattern is easy to rotate the lid.
· The cap and body are manufactured from the same batch and type of PP, so the same coefficient of expansion ensures any
Sealed at all temperatures. Can withstand the lowest temperature -196 ℃.
· Large marking area for easy writing.
· Tube body is extremely transparent and easy to observe samples.
· The circular bottom is designed to facilitate dumping of liquid and reduce residue.
· The seven color labels on the lid (color labels are white, red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, green) are easy
The white marking area and clear scale make it easy for users to mark and calibrate the capacity for distinguishing individual freeze storage tubes.
· All cryopreserved tubes are packed with gamma ray irradiation, free of DNA enzymes, RNA enzymes and pyrogens.