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Shaker/conical culture flask
Product number
Capacity (mL)
cover Specifications in mm A/box
high The neck diameter At the bottom of the diameter
LF4825 125 Breathable cover 106.8 34 66 50
LF4835 250 Breathable cover 137.8 34 83 50
LF4845 500 Breathable cover 175.8 39 101 25
LF4855 1000 Breathable cover 213.3 39 127 25
The conical culture bottle body is made of PETG material
· Excellent chemical resistance, can withstand a variety of chemicals
· The bottle body is made of PETG material, which is environmentally friendly and meets the requirements of food and drug contact management
· Strong transparency, better clear vision observation
HDPE bottle caps
The breathable cover is covered with 0.22um hydrophobic film to prevent bacteria from breathable and microbial contamination. It is suitable for suspension culture
Applications in cell biology, microbiology and other fields, suitable for suspension culture, medium preparation or storage.
· Single independent vacuum packaging, easy to access, avoid cross contamination
· The product batch number is marked on the package and the quality can be traced
· Electron beam sterilization, SAL=10-6
· No DNA enzyme, no RNA enzyme
· No heat source, no endotoxin